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Audio Video and Control

AV systems are comprised of audio and video technologies and the means by which AV signals are distributed and controlled.

Basic Elements of an AV System

Sources: Microphones, CD/DVD players, VCR/DVD players, Computers.

Signal Processing: Optimizes Source Signal for Presentation.

Signal Distribution: Transmit the signal from the source devices to the Presentation devices. Cables, wireless systems, switches, routers.

Presentation: Playback devices through which users consume the content such as speakers,displays, projectors and screens.

Recording/ storage: With digital media capturing and archiving is a simple process similar to data storage on computers.

Control: Coordinate the functioning of each element and subsystem to achieve the desired audio video experience.

It is the international trade association representing the audio visual industry. Avixa is the leading resource for AV standards, certification, training, and market intelligence.
Why is it important?
Avixa members create the integrated experiences that deliver the experiences the end users love.

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